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International Cooperation

AIMS Consultants have a network in several countries that enable us to get first hand knowledge on the best solutions from all over the world. To enhance international network and to strengthen our consultant team, we endeavour for strong cooperation with some competent partners overseas, EFACS & IFS WORLD.

Our Consultants

Our Consultants team comprises qualified members from various disciplines. This competence helps us in providing solutions ranging from strategic management to establishing a reliable system in the workplace. AIMS Consultants maintain a high performance consultant team to address your specific needs.

Our Facilities

We have state-of-the-art training facilities including training rooms, computer simulation and other training tools.


Our Approach


Observing as our first step of approach reflects our philosophy of creating a better management system solution conducted not only by our consultant but also by a solid team of AIMS Consultants


As a world leading company in the field of management consultancy, we consider listening to our clients very essential, the result of which will help fuel the exponential material to find the best solution material to find the best solution for our client's problems.


We proudly present our results by analyzing progress, to ensure that innovation keeps your business one step ahead of your competitors and make light the year ahead of competition.


Varieties of our innovation inspired by creativity and experience, spark our creation of advising the most applicable system for any kind of company.


We focus our energy and resources on creating innovative system implemented to solve unique problems of thousands of individual business.


Our Values

A Quality Partnership

Our Consultants have had over 12 years extensive experience in companies, implementing business and management practices in a variety of industries before they joined AIMS Consultants.

After more than 11 years working together in AIMS Consultants, we have grown even stronger and wider in knowledge and experience, which enables us to achieve the best-in-class company character.

Our experience and good understanding of how to develop and implement the best practices in business and management have helped our clients strengthen their ability to compete in today's world.

The Way We Make it Happen

Our Perspective, passion, and approach will help you lead the way to becoming a world class company.

Our Vision

To be the leader in innovative management services.

Our Mission

To help organization improve their performance, by providing innovative and applied management services that enable them to meet their business objectives.

Our Core Values

Customer Focus, Competency, Creativity, Communication, Continual Improvement.


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